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In one of Ball Don't Lie's last Barack Obama-basketball posts, we promised to find and share a clip of John McCain dunking from the free-throw line in the name of "leveling the political playing field." Unfortunately, such a video doesn't exist ... yet. So let's run this instead.

Via Deadspin's front porch, we have some hair-raising footage of McCain's new running mate, Governor Sarah Palin — then Sarah Heath — covering basketball, hockey, Tommy Lasorda and "lots of dogs" in 1988 for KTUU-TV in Anchorage, Alaska.

Boom goes the Iditarod!

Hey, look: Knicks lose! Some things never change!

McCain aggressively courts all-important hockey mom vote [Puck Daddy]
Sarah Palin is a regular Tim McCarver up in the broadcast booth [Big League Stew]

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