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Leading up to the NBA Draft there was chatter of Ricky Rubio's preference to play in a big market. Well, Minnesota certainly isn't one, and according to the Spanish sports site, the father of the new Timberwolves point guard says his son may remain in Spain for a few more years rather than play in the NBA. Talk about cold feet.

Ricky's pop, Esteve Rubio: "Ahora mismo, es muy probable que Ricky se quede uno o dos años en Europa." Translated, it says, "Right now, it is possible that Ricky plays a year or two more in Europe."

"Tenemos que hablar con la gente de Minnesota ... y ver lo que pasa, porque, a estas horas, podemos estar en Minnesota o en otra parte", declaraba." Loosely translated: "We are going to speak with the [people, staff] of Minnesota and see what's happening, because, in some hours, we may be in Minnesota or in another place."

Earlier in the evening, Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports reported that the Knicks were working hard to cut a deal with the Timberwolves to acquire Rubio. New York's a big enough market, si? The flashy teen was one of three point guards taken by Minnesota in the opening round of the Draft, with new Wolves general manager David Kahn snapping up Ricky at No. 5, Jonny Flynn of Syracuse at No. 6 and North Carolina's Ty Lawson at No. 18, though he was subsequently traded to Denver.

Decisions, decisions ...

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Ball Don't Lie

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