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Update: No Twitter word on this odd Polish report, but Iverson just tweeted that he's about to begin another workout session. "Agent informed me that Memphis made us an offer on yesterday. Stay tuned."


Excuse me, Allen Iverson(notes) to participate in European "throws in the contest for three points."

According to the Polish website, "The Guard Without A Team" will participate in some Reebok-sponsored three-point shooting contest to be held in mid-September during the European Championships.

Or at least I think that's what's happening — I'm trusting Slam Online and a wonky Google Translator here, people:

Four-time NBA top scorer Allen Iverson will face the Andrzej Pluta throws in the contest for three points during the penultimate day of the European Championships basketball.

A duel is scheduled for 19 September in Katowice, where he held the day after the final Eurobasketu. Iverson will arrive in Polish under the responsibility of sponsoring him to the Reebok.

34-year-old basketball player is one of the best throwers turn of the century in the NBA — in 2001 was even chosen as the league's most valuable player (MVP). [...]

36-year-old Polish Pluta is the best sniper — Anwil Wloclawek player won as many as six of the 14 contests for the three points of views, which were held on the occasion of Polish-Star games.

Last season, Pluta went up 84 from 168 throws from a distance and in this respect was the best player Polish Basketball League. I love the cast. That to me is bored. I came because a lot of work in training — repeated Pluta. Iverson has never hit so well — its highest rate of success is 35 percent of triplets.

Oof! Those final paragraphs read like something I would write.

In case you were curious (or looking to make a quick buck), Iverson only entered the NBA's All-Star Weekend three-point shooting contest once — in 2000. He finished in second-last place with a score of just 10 points. Hopefully A.I. fares better with the FIBA basketball and/or Bobby Sura enters this damn thing.

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