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JaVale McGee(notes) had eight dunks against the Atlanta Hawks on Thursday night. That is a lot of dunks! In fact, it's the most this season in a game, tying Dwight Howard's(notes) performance from earlier this year.

If you'd like, you can watch all eight of McGee's dunks and marvel at the boom-ness. It's pretty fun, if you like dunks. And who doesn't like dunks?

Eight is a lot for a game, no duh. But it's also more than a lot of players have this entire season. According to CBS's Dunk-O-Meter, here's a sampling of some notable dudes with less than eight dunks this entire season.

Juwan Howard(notes) (7)
Baron Davis(notes) (6)
Travis Outlaw(notes) (6)
Rashard Lewis(notes) (5)
Brad Miller(notes) (5 - shockingly high)
Rudy Fernandez(notes) (4)
Nick Young(notes) (4)
Nate Robinson(notes) (3 - shockingly low)
Mike Miller(notes) (2)
Zach Randolph(notes) (2)
Earl Boykins(notes) (0)

Not bad, JaVale McGee. You've somehow bested a three time dunk contest champion, a guy who was in the dunk contest, and a guy who can do a behind-the-back 360. And Brad Miller and Juwan Howard.

You, sir, deserve the cover of Men's Health.

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Ball Don't Lie

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