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Have you had enough of Steve Nash's(notes) crazy face from Sunday night's Game 4 win over the Spurs? Too much? That's easy to understand. If you're grossed out by gruesome eye injuries or weirded out by overcompensating for gruesome eye injuries by opening the other eye as wide as possible, it makes sense that you'd tire of seeing Nash's mug plastered all across the Internet.

Well, here's a solution — get rid of the eyes. That's the basis for twoeightnine design's "Nashty" T-shirt, which commemorates the finest one-eyed quarter of basketball in NBA history. A worthy cause, that's for sure.

This is certainly the best way to honor Nash's gutsy performance without making those around you vomit. The floppy hair and bandage are still there, so you know what this is about; however, you don't have to deal with any blood, bruising or a freakishly round eyeball when you're reminding your friends that Steve Nash's face is tougher than anyone else's face. It's a win-win.

The shirts are available on either a standard T-shirt for $20 or an American Apparel fancypants tee for $25. That's a small price to pay to let everyone know that an elbow to the face isn't going to stop you from completing whatever mundane task you're working on. Whether it be walking the dog or riding a bike, we could all use a little Steve Nash magic in our day-to-day lives. And also maybe a reminder that ducking out of the way of flying elbows isn't such a bad idea.

BDL rating: Three-and-a-half (out of five) Muggsy Bogues

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