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Ricky Rubio/Rudy Fernandez t-shirt
$12.93 (EUR), Joventut online store

BDL live bloggin' brother The Blowtorch — Killer Bees, stand up! — is currently losing his shift keys and lunch over this somewhat mysterious Ricky Rubio/Rudy Fernandez t-shirt.

According to an anonymous commenter — who may or may not be a bored Jorge Garbajosa — this "RR" shirt is only available in Spain. Yes, 17-year-old girls and Portland Trail Blazer fans across the globe will need someone to buy it for them and have it shipped over if they really must wear this. Trust. And connections. That's a tough purchase.

But hey, it is a pretty nice shirt. In fact, the NBA really ought to start producing these NBA caricature threads again. (See: Spud Webb, Dr. J and John Stockton.) Hipsters love this look. And Pabst Blue Ribbon.

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