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When you look at his trade from New Jersey to Orlando from Ryan Anderson's(notes) point of view, things seem to have worked out pretty nicely. He's playing for one of the NBA's best teams, rather than one of its worst. He spends most of his time in Florida, and he gets to wear a goatee. I'm sure he'd agree that he was a winner in that trade.

But from a fan's standpoint, we lost. Last season, on the Nets, Anderson and Brook Lopez(notes) formed the NBA's most formidable comedic duo since the halcyon days of Steve Nash(notes) and Dirk Nowitzki(notes) in Dallas. Thanks to this trade, we were deprived of an entire season's worth of strange but hilarious videos made with New Jersey's bro-est big man. It's a modern tragedy.

However, if you were thinking that Anderson lost his weirdness, worry no more. Because if you've got $500 and 19 hours to watch an auction, you could spend an hour painting pottery with Ryan Anderson.

It really is a dream come true. I mean, who hasn't spent significant time wishing and hoping that they'd have a chance to fire some pots with an NBA player? Exactly. We all have, and now one of us will get to experience true joy.

For $500 you get one hour of painting with Anderson at My Studio 6 pottery studio in Ocoee, FL. Their motto is "creative fun for everyone," and judging by some of the pictures in their photo album, that's exactly what happens. We're talking personalized robots and happy hippopotmuses, all with the help of Orlando's second biggest goofball, both literally and figuratively. Totally worth it, plus the proceeds from the auction will benefit the Orlando Magic Youth Foundation

There has not yet been a bid on this auction, so the odds are you'll be able to win this experience pretty easily. And if you don't think $500 to charity is a fair price to reenact a scene from "Ghost" with a 6-foot-10 dude, then I don't even know you anymore.

BDL Rating: Four (out of five) Muggsy Bogues

(h/t whatthenoelle)

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