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Starting tomorrow, there are going to be some very special guests at Chateau Kerby. As such, I've been doing intense renovations to our second bedroom, which up until this point has served as a combination editing suite and shoe closet. During these renovations, I've found at least three packages of Pez from who knows when. Yes, I ate them. They were delicious. So in honor of my living through this experiment, I'm buying this Lamar Odom "The Candyman" t-shirt.

Available at L.A. Purple and Gold, a website specializing in excellent Lakers t-shirts, the shirt is a nice take on the Odom Loves Candy meme. It also does a great job of adding creepy feet to an inanimate object, which is always a plus in my book. And while the juxtaposition of "Candyman" and Los Angeles might bring back some terrible memories, this shirt is sweet. Like Pez. (Confectioners' zing!)

Ball Don't Lie's Swag Rating: Four Muggsy Bogues ...  

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