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'Sup, bros.

Tired of having the ladies tell you that you smell to normal? Wish you had the musk of someone who shoots .583 from three-point land in the last four minutes of a basketball game, with neither team leading by five or more points? Wish you had the courage to wear a jumpsuit on an airplane like a regular Midwestern father?

Wait no more, Carmelo Anthony's "Stay Up" TAG Body Spray is here.

Now you too can smell like Carmelo Anthony(notes), "both on the court and in the club." (Huh?) It's "so fresh, it's beyond body spray," so you know it's the good stuff. Buy a can of this, get a crisp $100 bill, and buy some lucky a lady a blouse. This is the fragrance that will "accentuate your success."

Ball Don't Lie's Swag Rating: One stinkin' Muggsy ... 

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Ball Don't Lie

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