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Like the rest of us, Paul Pierce(notes) hasn't picked a perfect NCAA bracket. Far from it. Like, very far from it. Not that you'd expect him to hold a doctorate in bracketology, but his picks are pretty bad.  Have a look.

That's a lot of red, Paul Pierce. And not a lot of green. Pretty much the opposite of what you're shooting for.

He's a Kansas guy, so you can't really fault him for picking them to win it all. And it's not like he's the only one to miss that pick. But two remaining teams in the Elite Eight is bad. One Final Four team still fighting is extra bad. And five out of the Sweet Sixteen is almost impossibly bad. It's almost like Paul Pierce doesn't have a ton of time to really break down the match-ups. I wonder what's keeping him so busy.

But there is something Paul Pierce is very good at. Yes, basketball, obviously. But I was talking about charity. Pierce recently launched FitClub34, a part of the Truth on Health Initiative that's aimed at fighting childhood obesity through tracking exercise and activity. That's a good pick.

Like I said, Paul Pierce is good at charity. NCAA games though? Not so much.

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Ball Don't Lie

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