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At one point or another, every basketball fan on the planet has dreamt of owning and operating their own professional basketball team. The excitement of wheeling and dealing players, the satisfaction of building a competent coaching staff, the thrill of answering the phone at 2am to learn your All-Star small forward is in jail for another stripper "incident." It all sounds so glamorous!

Unfortunately, though, the average sports fan not named Mark Cuban doesn't have pockets deep enough to buy a professional basketball team. I mean, we're not talking melba toast here, folks — sports franchises are expensive. Which is why this idea, yoinked from MyFootballClub, is absolutely brilliant.

Clyde Warman — a gentleman who runs a successful paintball website — has started up The premise: for a mere $60 you can become a registered member and own a real share in a real International Basketball League franchise.

As part owner of an IBL squad, you will be able to vote on the franchise location, the team name, uniform colors, hiring coaches, signing players, and much, much more. Basically it's like fantasy basketball on drugs.

So, no more complaining about owners and disconnected front offices (unless you're looking in a mirror). Sign up, pay your fees, and let's finally bring that elusive championship trophy home to ... wait. What franchise are we purchasing again?

I vote for the Las Vegas Stars — they have a catchy anthem.

(Thanks for the tip, Brent)

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Ball Don't Lie

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