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The Orlando Magic have used only two logos in the 21-year history of the franchise. Even when the team switched prior to the 2000-01 season, not much changed — a different starry basketball was used, and it was placed under the "Magic" wordmark, and that's it. But all that's about to change, literally, as the Magic have unveiled a new logo to better match their new-ish jerseys. It's a pretty shocking transformation.

Oh. Right. That's pretty much the exact same thing, except not drawn with a Sharpie. Consistency is a virtuous virtue, is something that someone would probably say about this if that were a saying.

But what do the Magic have to say about this? As you can imagine, they're pretty psyched for their straight-lettered logo. From their website:

In anticipation of the opening of the team's new home, the Amway Center, the Orlando Magic have updated its primary logo. This new look "turns the page" on the next chapter in Orlando sports history. As the team and the Magic brand continue to grow, the logo evolves with a stronger, cleaner, more timeless design to match the team's championship ideals.

The new logo incorporates the Magic's current jersey wordmark giving a more integrated look. It also continues the team's colors with the Magic blue, Magic black and Magic silver. The updated look includes the team's current secondary logo with the iconic star ball for a smooth transition from old to new, building on the heritage and history of the Magic from its birth in 1989.

If I'm reading this press release correctly — and I think I am — the Magic's old, dated logo is partially to blame for the team's poor play in the Eastern Conference finals. Since the old logo didn't match the team's championship ideals, they could not advance to the championship round. I will admit that I could be off on my interpretation of this, but that makes sense to me.

Jokes aside, it's a nice logo, if not a game-changer. If they're shooting for something new that still calls back to the original Magic symbol, they got it. I'll miss the old font (and still miss the old pinstriped jerseys) but this is more modern for sure. I wouldn't necessarily buy it on a hat, but then I don't wear hats that often. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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Ball Don't Lie

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