Ball Don't Lie - NBA

Here we go again.

With March Madness in full chalk swing, and in order to try and keep things a little lively around here, we are once again rolling out the Ball Don't Lie Bedlam tournament — a completely pointless, albeit oddly entertaining tourney that pits NBA-related people, places and "things" in a bracket to compete for the title of ... well, no one really knows. I'll have to get back to you on that.

Just like last year, we're busy compiling a list of nominations for seeding — think everything from Deron Williams' crossover to Dwyane Wade's Band-aids to Charlie Villanueva's Twitter account — but we could definitely use a few more to help fill out the 32-item bracket.

(Note: Yes, we scaled the number of participants back from 64 to 32. Why? Because last year took forever to complete. And oh, we've also retired 2008 BDL Bedlam winner Adriana Lima. My apologies to thirteen-year-old boys everywhere, but alas, there will be no repeat champion this year.)

So start sending in your nominees via the comments section below. Suggest anything you like, but try and keep them somewhat specific. Good examples: LeBron's pre-game chalk toss or Ray Allen's silky smooth jumper. Bad examples: Tyronn Lue or socks. Awesome example: The Basketball Jones. (I kid, I kid.)

If everything goes according to plan, we'll start up the first round of voting on Tuesday or Wednesday.

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Ball Don't Lie

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