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O.J. Mayo may be on his way to the rookie of the year award. The West Virginia native is averaging almost 21 points a game, and is a big reason why the Grizzlies have won four in a row. Last week, I had the chance to catch up with the former USC star, and found out that he isn't that much different than your average 21-year-old.

Ball Don't Lie: What's the single craziest thing about the last year been for you?

O.J. Mayo: Probably just going from college to the pros. New experience. Travel. Different opponents every night, it's been crazy.

BDL: Has anything surprised you over that time?

Mayo: Not really ... just little things, nothing major.

BDL: I heard the guys were calling you, "Juice." Is that a nickname you've picked up since you've been here?

Mayo: Yeah, but I've had it for basically my whole life.

BDL: Has there been any rookie hazing since you got to Memphis?

Mayo: (Smiles) Yeah, I had to take care of a TV and a Play Station 3 on a trip. Make sure that the [veterans] got it ... They call at like one o'clock in the morning for me to bring the games.

BDL: Is it weird to think that more people showed up for your high school games than are showing up for your games in Memphis?

Mayo: Sometimes. But, I grew up in towns that were crazy about high school sports. But it's a little different.

BDL: I heard some of your teammates have been giving you a hard time about being from West Virginia. What do they say?

Mayo: (Smiles) What's in West Virginia?

BDL: So just the regular West Virginia jokes, nothing too creative.

Mayo: Yeah.

BDL: I read that you scored a 29 on the ACT. What percentage of guys in the NBA could score a 29 on the ACT right now?

Mayo: (Smiles) I don't know. There's some smart guys though.

BDL: So you think there's a few that could score that high?

Mayo: I think so. I think so. You'd be surprised, man.

BDL: Switching it up a little bit, I read that your favorite food is spaghetti and meatballs, where the heck do you find spaghetti and meatballs in Memphis?

Mayo: Actually, my mom, she lives in Memphis with me, so she does a good job.

BDL: So she puts it together for you?

Mayo: (Smiles) Yeah, she makes great spaghetti.

BDL: You've been in Memphis for a few months now, and I'm sure they've got some great food, are there any restaurants you go to on a regular basis?

Mayo: Ruth's Chris, Flemings ...

BDL: That's all the trendy stuff, nothing that's unique to Memphis?

Mayo: Yeah ... [getting help from various Grizzlies' personnel] Spindini's, Gus's, there are a lot of great barbeque places there.

BDL: You were a business major in school, if you could do one thing to improve the NBA, what would it be?

Mayo: Probably lower ticket prices, so that more common people could come to the game ... families with less benefits could come and check out an NBA game.

BDL: Do you notice when there aren't many people at your games?

Mayo: Yeah, you definitely notice, but once you go out there and start competing [you don't notice as much] ...

BDL: Is playing in the Olympics a dream for you?

Mayo: Oh yeah, most definitely.

BDL: Is playing in the 2012 London Games a goal for you?

Mayo: Yeah, that's one of my goals ... [I have to] go in and work hard until 2012.

BDL: 'Melo said last month that he wanted to honor Obama by scoring 44 points. Do you have any tributes like that up your sleeve?

Mayo: Nah, I just want to play 82 games. It's a grinding season, a lot harder than people think. I just want to stay healthy and stay strong.

BDL: Some fans have made a website about you called Have you ever looked at that?

Mayo: (Smiles) Nah, I haven't seen it.

BDL: Do you ever hear about stuff like that and think that some people have too much time on their hands?

Mayo: (Smiles) Yeah, kinda ... but it's nothing bad. I don't think anything bad about it, it just surprises you.

BDL: What's the biggest difference between living in LA and living in Memphis?

Mayo: Less people [in Memphis] (Laughs) A lot less people.

BDL: When you're walking down the streets in Memphis, do people recognize you or do they leave you alone?

Mayo: Yeah, but I don't walk around the streets that much.

BDL: OK, so what are you doing to pass the time when you're at home?

Mayo: I don't know, I go to Best Buy a lot, so they pretty much know me.

BDL: Are you going to pull an Artest, and work there so that you can get a discount?

Mayo: (Smiles) Nah.

BDL:  When you're going into Best Buy, what are you picking up?

Mayo: DVD's, CD's, music ... electronics.

BDL: Danny Granger told me he has over 2,000 movies, are you a movie guy?

Mayo: Yeah, I'm a movie guy.

BDL: Do you have anywhere near 2,000.

Mayo: I don't know, I've never really sat down and counted, but I've got a lot of DVD's.

BDL: He said his top two were "Gladiator" and "Armageddon," what about you?

Mayo: I like "Godfather" and "Donnie [Brasco]."

BDL: That's like an MTV "Cribs" answer right there.

Mayo: (Smiles) Yeah.

BDL: People give you a hard time about your last name, do you even like mayonnaise?

Mayo: I like it a little bit, [but] I'm a Miracle Whip guy myself.

BDL: Oh yeah?

Mayo: Yeah, I like Miracle Whip.

BDL: So, did you ever watch the cartoon "Doug"?

Mayo: Doug?

BDL: Yeah, Doug Funnie.

Mayo: (Smiles) Oh yeah, I watched Doug Funnie.

BDL: You're the most famous ...

Mayo: Oh, Patti Mayonnaise! HAHA!

BDL: You're the most famous Mayo since Patti Mayonnaise.

Mayo: Yeah, I used to always watch that show.

BDL: What did you think about her? What do you think about bringing the Mayo back name back to the public light?

Mayo: I always wanted to know, if they ever made a movie, would she be hot or not?

BDL: OK, so if you could direct the movie version of "Doug," who would play Patti Mayonnaise?

Mayo: Umm ... (Pauses) I don't know cause she had a tan, so what ethnicity was she?

BDL: She had blonde hair. I don't know exactly.

Mayo: (Pauses) We'll go with Britney Spears.

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