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If you ask Josh Howard a question, he's going to give you a straight answer. The North Carolina native isn't afraid to say what's on his mind. You might not always agree with what he has to say, but you've got to respect the fact that he isn't going to give the same old answer, like so many other professional athletes these days.

Howard's name has been in the news again recently because the Mavs' forward doesn't want to leave Dallas. As you'll see from this interview, he also doesn't want to miss the chance to be part of a reality-TV hit in the making ...

Ball Don't Lie: Zarko Cabarkapa, Aleksander Pavlovic, Zoran Planinic ...

Josh Howard: Where they been?

BDL: That's what I was going to ask you. Where are they at?

JH: (Smiles) All of them got drafted before me in that '03 Draft too.

BDL: When you hear those names what goes through your mind?

JH: Everything ain't what it's always cracked up to be, as far as the draft and what scouts say ... [Out of those names] only Pavlovic is still in the league.

BDL: Reece Gaines?

JH: Yeah, Reece, yeah he got drafted before me. It's a sad situation to see those guys gone but it just lets me know what my value is to the league and to this team.

BDL: Is anyone going to be able to knock off your Demon Deacons when the NCAA Tournament rolls around this March?

JH: We done gave up that number one spot twice already. (Smiles) I don't want to doubt my boys, I've got to keep talking to them, so no, nobody's going to beat them.

BDL: They'll do it come March?

JH: They'll do it come March. They better do it. You can put that in the paper!

BDL: On your website, I saw that you have the nickname, "The Show," how did you get it?

JH: I don't know who came up with that.

BDL: You don't know where it came from?

JH: Yeah, I don't know ... I guess I like to show a lot of emotion sometimes. I don't know.

BDL: Do you have a nickname that you go by?

JH: J-Ho, that's about it, or HOVA or something.

BDL: Why is it that people with the last name of Howard have a problem picking up nicknames? Dwight Howard, for example, still goes by D-Ho sometimes.

JH: Yeah, it's a weird name. Vowels and consonants ain't all they're cracked up to be.

BDL: I read that you love restoring cars. If you had to restore on for coach Carlisle what would it be? What kind of things would you add to the car?

JH: I think he'd look good in a Lincoln Continental. Suicide doors, just straight black, maybe put some little Dayton's on their, some 22s, and we'll just keep it clean. Don't tint the windows or nothin'.

BDL: Are you still watching Judge Mathis before games?

JH: (Smiles) Yes, yes. [I watched] People's Court before today's game back at the hotel. That's never going to change.

BDL: What if those shows aren't on in the hotel. Do you have DVDs just in case?

JH: Nah, I usually get to find it.

BDL: Would Judge Judy be a suitable replacement?

JH: Yeah, Judge Judy. Cristina's Court.

BDL: As long as there's something on like that?

JH: Yeah, something like that.

BDL: How long are we talking here? An hour, two hours?

JH: Until I fall asleep. I know I'm watching the first 30 minutes.

BDL: I was watching your "Cribs" episode before the game.

JH: (Smiles)

BDL: Where the heck do you get a question mark couch from?

JH: Cantoni's is the company I bought it from. They probably bought it in Italy, I think, where they get a lot of their furniture. So for me to be able to get that couch, I don't think nobody else has it.

BDL: I don't think so either.

JH: I passed out on it maybe two time too. So that lets you know how much I use it.

BDL: Do your buddies come over and give you some heat about the couch, or are they impressed by it?

JH: I think, overall, my house, in the city of Dallas, a lot of people say it's a Miami style house, so I get a lot of compliments. I'm just blessed to be able to get it ... It was a steal but I took it. (Laughs)

BDL: How do you top a question mark couch, in terms of new furniture around the house?

JH: Hmmm .. let me see. I gotta get an elevator or something in the house. I don't know. My movie room is pretty nice, but my brother spends more time in it than me.

BDL: You've got your own day in Winston Salem, NC. What is the proper celebration for Josh Howard Day?

JH: I guess down time with your family. Me? I love spending time with my folks. That's one thing I try to stress ... I just try to get everybody back home so they can relax and chill.

BDL: Did you ever think in your wildest dreams that you would have a car you could open without touching the doors?

JH: Never. I remember riding the bus with my mama, never would have thought that.

BDL: What did you think of Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Kidd's performance in "Like Mike"?

JH: (Smiles) I was kinda young when that came out. They were pretty cool, laid back guys, calm ...

BDL: Do you think there is anybody else on the team who could star in a movie?

JH: Yeah, me, Jet [Jason Terry], Stackhouse, yeah we got some characters on this team.

BDL: It sounds like you guys could make a pretty good reality show?

JH: Oh yeah.

BDL: Why doesn't Cuban set something like that up on his network?

JH: He might. I hope I'm still around if he do, I'd love to a part of that.

BDL: Are you really going to retire at age 33?

JH: I'm 28 now, yeah I think so.

BDL: Five more years and that's it?

JH: Yeah.

BDL: Seriously?

JH: You see me? Look [pointing at his serious face] ... unless somebody gives me a big ass contract, other than that, no.

BDL: So what are you going to do after you retire?

JH: I've got a lot of stuff going on with my foundation. My brother is going to graduate from school [Paul Quinn in Dallas]. He's majoring in business administration, so of course we're going to step out and try to have a business in some kind of way ... cars, like I said, we could do stuff like that. I can't just keep my money somewhere sitting still.

BDL: I read you were into politics ...

JH: Yeah, I used to play around in college with that, and what happened this summer with what I said, a lot of people took that and ran with it, so I don't think I'd be a good politician 'cause I tell the truth.

BDL: So what do you think about Obama being in office?

JH: It's great. It's a changing thing. I got a son — he's going to come into this world with the first black President. I've been around, of course, the white Presidents. Grandma, she's been around for [the inception of] TV. Just to be able to experience this, it's great.

BDL: Josh Howard 2040 ... does that have a ring to it?

JH: (Smiles) It sounds nice. It sounds like a club or something.

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