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Eric Gordon started the All-Star Break in style last night. The Clippers' rookie dropped 30 points and had five assists to lead his team to an overtime win over the Knicks.

The 20 year old will be participating in the Rookie/Sophomore Game this weekend and seems genuinely excited to see all the festivities in Phoenix. I caught up with the Indiana product last week and we discussed a number of different topics including, special powers, Scooby-Do and the differences between girls in Bloomington and L.A.

Ball Don't Lie: Every rookie has to make a major transition once they get into the league, but you've gone from living in Bloomington, Indiana to living in Los Angeles, California. What has the transition been like?

Eric Gordon: Well, it's a major difference. Bloomington is a small city and it's just a whole different atmosphere. You're on your own now; you're basically a grown up. When you're in college, you still have a lot of different priorities as a young adult. (The professional lifestyle) is just a totally different change.

BDL: What about the differences between girls in both cities?

EG: (Laughs) Girls is girls. You're going to see them everywhere. It really doesn't matter.

BDL: They're a little more "enhanced" in L.A. though, right?

EG: Oh yeah. There's a lot of good looking girls in L.A. But, there's girls everywhere though.

BDL: It seems like most people in L.A. are into the realityv tv stuff, have you started watching more of those shows since you've been out there?

EG: Nah, I'm still not really into it. I'm more of a movie type person, so all that reality stuff ... even though it happens in L.A., I'm not really into it.

BDL: If they made a reality show out of your year at Indiana last season, do you think producers would buy that?

EG: I think they'd buy ours because of all the stuff that we went through ... It was still a good season, but I'm pretty sure a lot of fans would buy ours, just to see what we went through.

BDL: When you were living it, did you ever think: "This stuff is crazy?"

EG: Well, yeah, I mean, it was crazy. All the stuff really happened towards the end of the year. A lot of different things happened. It was still, overall, a good season for us, just hate how the ending happened.

BDL: Do you still find yourself watching Indiana games now?

EG: Yeah yeah, I still watch IU play. They're really in a tough little phase this season. So, it was kind of expected though.

BDL: Do any of your teammates give you heat because of how far the program has fallen?

EG: Nah, not really. Since we're all here now, we really don't worry about it. When you get here, it's just a whole different lifestyle.

BDL: Switching gears, I read that your favorite cartoon is Scooby-Doo.

EG: Yeah. Yeah, that's my favorite. I hardly don't watch cartoons, hardly, but I would say that's my favorite cartoon.

BDL: Is there a Shaggy-like character that you've come across in the NBA yet?

EG: Who looks like him?

BDL: A: Who looks like him? B: Who has the voice?

EG: Nah, I don't think I've found one like him yet. (Laughs)

BDL: [Chris] Kaman used to have a Shaggy-like hairstyle going though.

EG: Yeah, I'd put him ... he's close to it, close.

BDL: OK, so what's up with your "Hobbit," nickname?

EG: You know what? I don't need to know. All I know is the The Hobbit (Pauses) I forgot, I know it's either a cartoon or I know it's off of a movie. I think they played 'em both, but I know [the name] does [or] it means special powers or something like that.

BDL: So you have special powers?

EG: (Smiles) Yeah, that's what the guys say.

BDL: What do you think?

EG: I don't have a clue. I really don't have a clue about it. It sounds good though.

BDL: If you could have one special power, what would it be?

EG: I don't know. Special power is a good one for like Dwight Howard, like Superman, that would be a good one, but that's taken so I don't know.

BDL: Will you and Dwight trade special power secrets before the game? [Note: interview was conducted before LAC-ORL game last week].

EG: Hopefully I have some special powers for tonight, do something.

BDL: The Hobbit is playing Superman -- that's got to be worth it's own billing right there.

EG: (Smiles) Right, right.

BDL: You were recently named to the Rookie Game ... what have you heard about All-Star Weekend in general from people around the league?

EG: That there's activities every hour of the day. It's just a busy weekend and it's more fun than instead of just playing.

BDL: Are you worried that you won't be able to get any sleep?

EG: Nah, I'm still going to get my rest. It's going to be fun just to be there. There's not that many fun times, unless you're playing in the NBA, where you just have enough alone time.

BDL: When you have some time to yourself do ever check out any blogs on the computer? Do you check any websites to see what's going on?

EG: Nah, not really because so many things are happening day-to-day. We've got games; We're just with the team all the time, so I'm not really on the computer as much.

BDL: So you don't ever Google "Eric Gordon"?

EG: Nah.

BDL: I know you've got to run so we'll finish out with this: I read that your favorite food was chicken. Have you been to Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles out in L.A. yet?

EG: Yeah, that's definitely a well-known famous trademark in L.A. That's definitely one of my favorite restaurants.

BDL: That's where you'd go if you could only pick one place?

EG: Probably, yeah. Definitely.

BDL: No In-n-Out Burger or anything like that?

EG: Nah, nah, I'm not into fast food like that.

BDL: Fast food isn't good for a hobbit. Out of curiosity, what constitutes hobbit food?

EG: (Smiles) I really don't have a clue.

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