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Though I respect the second amendment, I still think the idea behind it (in 2010) is pretty daft. But, by all means, continue to bear arms, just because you can. We're very impressed, and I'm sure you feel very safe, even if the statistics say you're not.

But as anachronistic as that right is, it pales in comparison to this ridiculous mail campaign, which somehow tries to link LeBron James(notes), a pro-gun rights Attorney General from Ohio, and apparently some shipment of guns and baddies that came up from Florida.

Aaron Marshall of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer attempts to, um, explain?

The mail campaign, launched by Americans United for Safe Streets, uses a photo of James on the cover with a tagline asking, "Florida took Lebron. What did we get in return?" On the mailer's flip side, the punchline: "They sent us 92 illegal guns and gun-toting criminals. And Richard Cordray is letting them do it."

The LeBron ad is one of a trio of mail pieces the anti-gun group is sending out against Cordray as well as three pieces being sent out against congressional candidate Tom Ganley. The group said it is sending the mailers to 175,000 homes and spending about $350,000.

Once again, LeBron James gave the state of Ohio a pretty needless stomach punch last July, and he deserves to see plumes of billowing smoke from his on-fire jerseys every time he looks out of the window in his Akron home. But to call this a stretch would be an insult to stretching. This is just moronic.

LeBron James went to Florida so you shouldn't vote for an Attorney General because he likes guns. Right.

(I'd like to thank Vince Grzegorek for making my morning much more confusing.)

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Ball Don't Lie

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