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Are you sick of prepubescent mustaches? Is not being able to grow a beard ruining your pathetic, wretched life? Do you look like Jiri Welsch? (Nods heavily.) Well, worry no longer! Introducing Fear The Beard's PaperBeard™ ...

Yes, put away those dangerous testosterone pills. With FTB's PaperBeard™, now you, too, can sport a thick full beard just like Golden State Warriors guard Baron Davis. And all it takes is four easy steps. Just download the PaperBeard™ .pdf file, print it out, cut around the dotted lines, add some string, and ... VOILA! You're ready for your very own playoff run!

So, what are you waiting for? Download your very own PaperBeard™ today! Fear The Beard's bandwidth is (hopefully) standing by.

[Note: I feel horrible about not posting this sooner. I'm positive it would've been enough to push B-Diddy past Marko Jaric's supermodel boo in last week's Bedlam Final Four match-up. Oh well.]

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Ball Don't Lie

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