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We've already seen the super-weird, super-amazing video clips promoting the new signature shoes that Dwight Howard(notes) and Derrick Rose(notes) will sport this season, so we might as well actually dig into the steak accompanying all that Señor Chang sizzle: the adiZero Rose (left) and the adidas Beast.

As we've seen in the "Slim Chin" videos, the marketing push surrounding the Rose and the Beast emphasizes speed. Adidas is trumpeting the lightweight nature of the new signatures, calling the 12.8-ounce Rose "the lightest signature basketball shoe adidas has ever created" and the Beast Howard's "lightest shoe to date" in a press release.

The adiZero Rose launches in black/red/white on Oct. 22, 2010, with five different colors to come by February, according to adidas, while the Beast is slated for a November launch in black/black/royal, followed by three other colors (including the white/black/royal joints shown above) rolling out through December. Suggested retail price for these Foot Locker and Eastbay exclusives? $100.

More on the new kicks after the jump:

More shots of the Rose:

"I never thought growing up on the South Side of Chicago that I would have my own signature shoe, so I'm really proud and I know my family and the city are going to be really proud too. It's a clean cut fashion shoe so you put some jeans over it and you can look good off the court." — Derrick Rose

More shots of the Beast:

"They're light to keep me faster on the court, but we worked really hard to add things from my personal life like my HEY WOOOOOOOOOOORLD greeting to my fans and my ManChild nickname." — Dwight Howard

(Totally reasonable things to include in your shoe.)

One last thing on the Beast, per adidas' release: "Rich stripes, folded edges and a mix of high gloss and matte finishes represent items you would find in Dwight's closet." Again, totally reasonable things to include in your shoe, especially those folded edges; they are better than jagged edges when it comes to being on your feet. It's just a shame they couldn't put some fake tattoos and glitter all over it, like the T-shirts you would find in Dwight's closet.

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Ball Don't Lie

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