Ball Don't Lie - NBA

Perhaps it's the Ken Burns documentary that has me talking this way, but I don't think it hyperbole to suggest that NBA Jam left an indelible mark on children of a certain generation. The game action was too lively not to let it get to you, and the personalities behind the game were as large as their comically oversized heads.

However, bigger than anything else from the original, beyond the throwdowns and 3-point bombs, were the rumors.

Could you find a way to put Michael Jordan on the Bulls? (No.)

Did the back-and-forth in any way resemble an NBA game? (No.)

Was Blue Edwards really the best they could do for Milwaukee? (Yes.)

Were Bill and Hillary Clinton actually on the game, hidden? (Yes.)

Hide no more, politicos. Because the new version of NBA Jam has President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, along with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin included in the gameplay.

An entire, 10-deep, gallery is available at USA Today's website.

Also included in the game (in the sixth picture of this gallery)? Courtney Lee(notes). Move over, Blue Edwards. Tell Brad Lohaus the news.

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Ball Don't Lie

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