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It's not just a happenin' Dave Clark Five song, cats and kittens, it's what's happenin' ‘round the NBA as all the minor players seek out major employment.


The biggest surprise of the bunch? Jason Williams(notes), who enjoyed a 10-month stint on the retired list starting last September, possibly heading to New York to play for the Knicks. Makes no sense.

Actually, the idea that the Knicks would want to try and negotiate a deal with Williams makes plenty of sense on a superficial level. He's supposed to be an open-court blur, and Mike D'Antoni's teams love to run. But the fact of the matter is that Williams has only played on three teams that were in the top 15 in possessions per game since he was traded to Memphis back in 2001. That is to say, he don't run much, a-no mo'.

And the former Sacramento Kings wunderkind is way, way older than you think — 34 in November. And his defense during his last go-round with the Miami Heat in 2007-08 was about as bad as defense got; Williams has long been an indifferent defender, now he's just a sieve that can't keep up with anyone even if the effort were there.

Don't try it, because I'm going to laugh in your face if you try to tell me he can make up for it on the other end, not when he's two years removed from shooting 38.4 percent from the floor. I'd love to see him try one more 45-foot bounce pass before riding off into the sunset, but the Knicks would be well-served to try the D-League first to round out their roster.


Hakim Warrick(notes) signed a one-year deal to play with the Milwaukee Bucks, and while I know Bill Duffy's declaration that Hakim is "a perfect fit," that "has a chance to start at small forward and power forward," is just happy-day agentspeak, we should still break it down.

Sure, Warrick fits damn well in Milwaukee. He's a terrific player who was needlessly passed over by a Grizzlies team that couldn't even be bothered to keep their Qualifying Offer on the table in negotiations with the lithe forward.

Warrick eventually signed for about what the QO was -- $3 million for a year - and he's clearly worth at least twice that. I understand that Memphis wants to retain some cap space to help facilitate trades for other teams, but you couldn't at least make him a restricted free agent, and match Milwaukee's similar offer?

The idea that Warrick starts at power forward? I wouldn't mind it, but Scott Skiles has a personal favorite in UCLA product Luc Mbah a Moute that will be hard to budge from the four spot. I'd feel a lot better about Warrick and a Moute starting in the same frontcourt, all long-arms and quick reflexes, but Warrick played just a few seconds (literally) at small forward last year for Memphis, he's not a bloody small forward, and a Moute struggled at the position last year as well.

It's a good problem to have, but let's chill out a bit before tossing Hakim out there to try and check LeBron James(notes). That's clearly Joe Alexander's(notes) job.


That was a joke.


Warrick's touchdown in Milwaukee likely spells the end of Ramon Sessions'(notes) time with the Bucks. He and Skiles rarely saw eye-to-eye, and with Warrick's contract and Brandon Jennings'(notes) rookie deal on board, the Bucks are a little over a million bucks in salary away from paying the luxury tax. Perhaps $2 million under if they waive Sonny Weems(notes).

Adrian Wojnarowski and Marc Spears have the Clippers pondering a contract offer to Sessions in the $4 to $4.5 million range, and unless New York steps up to the plate pretty quickly, that looks like the most likely scenario for Milwaukee's restricted free agent. The Clippers apparently don't think much of Sebastian Telfair(notes), the Knicks would still have Chris Duhon(notes), Nate Robinson(notes) (likely to sign a one-year deal) and the game-changer that is Jason Williams on their roster; so adding Sessions at a rate that would cut into possible 2010 cap space for New York seems a bit silly.

Then again, it's New York. They want to sign Jason Williams.


Then there's Leon Powe(notes), who apparently is "way ahead of recovery" while coming back from another torn ACL, and could be off to Cleveland.

There's your perfect fit. Powe can play, and while I don't really want to touch too much on the Celtics refusing to even offer the guy a Qualifying Offer after years of solid bench play from Powe (a move that was as short-sighted — Rasheed Wallace(notes)? — as it was distasteful), it would be a bit of poetic justice if he were to get up, dust himself off, and starting putting up big nights for the Cavaliers off their pine. 

If he's 90 percent of his old self by Thanksgiving, the Cavs have pulled off a huge move. Powe can score and score and score and score, and with Cleveland Cavaliers assistant coach John Kuester turning into Detroit Pistons head coach John Kuester, the Cavaliers need all the good hands they can find.


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