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NBA Style Watch occasionally checks in on the latest and greatest in on-court fashions. Whether it be new uniforms, new haircuts, or new tattoos, we'll be there ... watching, judging, opining. Verdicts are doled out on a scale of 1-10, with some of your favorite players representing their old numbers. See something particularly noteworthy? Let us know.

The Look: J.R. "Kenny" Smith's Fade

The Breakdown: While his hair has yet to reach the epic heights that Kenny Smith's and Brandon Jennings' did (or does), J.R. Smith(notes) definitely has the best fade in the league. Of course, it's easy to say that with Kevin Martin's(notes) fade on the bench. We look forward to the return of K-Mart so we can see these two duke it out in a POGS match while wearing Cross Colors.

The Verdict:

The Look: Troy Murphy's(notes) white shoes with black socks

The Breakdown: This isn't sophomore year of high school. You just don't wear black socks with white shoes. Black socks go with black shoes, and white shoes call for white socks. You can even get away with white socks and black shoes, if you don't mind looking like a dad or Antoine Walker(notes). But white shoes and black socks? C'mon, son.

The Verdict:

The Look: Washington Wizards' Abe patch

The Breakdown: A classy looking patch for a classy gentleman. Understated but still interesting, this is a pretty excellent tribute to one of David Stern's favorite owners. But we should all admit this is definitely the Fender typeface.

The Verdict:

The Look: Michael Beasley's(notes) majestic Afro

The Breakdown: We're pleased to add Michael Beasley to the list of guys who normally have their hair braided but let it out on occasion. Ricky Davis, Allen Iverson, and Melvin Ely are glad to be able to pass their crazy torch on to another weirdo.

The Verdict:

The Look: Luther Head's(notes) armpit jungle

The Breakdown: Now we're not necessarily recommending that Luther go the Monta Ellis route, but whoa. The only reason this gets even a single point is because the rating system starts at one. Gross.

The Verdict:

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