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NBA Style Watch occasionally checks in on the latest and greatest in on-court fashions. Whether it be new uniforms, new haircuts or new tattoos, we'll be there ... watching, judging, opining. Verdicts are doled out on a scale of 1-10, with some of your favorite players representing their old numbers. See something particularly noteworthy? Let us know.

The Look: DJ Mbenga's(notes) golden star hair

The Breakdown: Ron Artest(notes) has created a monster. Not only did the big Congolese center join Ron Ron in blond-haired bliss for the Lakers' game against the Kings last night, he took things a step further, shaving a star in to his freshly golden hair.

Maybe it was to help mask a growing bald spot or maybe it was a tribute to Lamar Odom's(notes) old All-Star hair, but whatever the reason it was a nice touch. Basically anything carved in is a win in my book.

As for the dye job? It's hard to call the color blond, gold, or orange. I guess the closest is sulfur. It's a naturally occurring element, but there's a reason it's not usually used as a hair color. Still, major bonus points for the star.

The Verdict:

The Look: Josh Smith's(notes) every accessory ever

The Breakdown: A headband, mouthguard, an arm sleeve for each arm, and a knee pad for each leg — Josh Smith is a walking advertisement for neoprene. It's almost like his aunt got him a Sports Authority gift card for Christmas and said, "go crazy."

It's not that any of these things are bad in and of themselves, but all together it's a little much. My rule of thumb is that you can pick any two accessories and still look pretty cool. A headband and high socks? Not bad. An arm pad and leg sleeve? Sure. Two works.

But five purely stylistic accessories? That's borderline hoarding. Josh Smith should have definitely made the list of the NBA's worst over-accessorizers.

The Verdict:

The Look: Ron Artest's bottle blond

The Breakdown:  Around the year 2000, when Eminem was the most popular musician in all the land, people everywhere were dying their heads bleach blond because they didn't know any better. 10 years later, Ron Artest seems to have forgotten those lessons.

His "Defense" hair was great because it was really well done, hilarious, and different. This looks like he went to the grocery store, picked up a box of Garnier Fructis, and had his buddy slather his head with dye. Then, when his scalp started burning, he took it off too early leaving him with 18 different colors. Not a great look, Ronald. And coming from a Style Watch legend, it's quite a disappointment.

On the other hand, if Ron's hair somehow convinced DJ Mbenga to do what he did, it was all worth it. One bonus point awarded for influence.

The Verdict:

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