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NBA Style Watch occasionally checks in on the latest and greatest in on-court fashions. Whether it be new uniforms, new haircuts or new tattoos, we'll be there ... watching, judging, opining. Verdicts are doled out on a scale of 1-10, with some of your favorite players representing their old numbers. See something particularly noteworthy? Let us know.

The Look: Ron Artest's(notes) "Defense" hair

The Breakdown: Clearly, Ron Artest's hair is amazing. It is reminiscent of simpler times, in particular, the 1990s. A time when a man could call himself Sisqó and sing about thongs. A time when the world's best rebounder could dye myriad symbols in his hair.

So there's the precedent and inspiration, but Ron Artest's hair means so much more. Literally. Across his head, Artest got the word "defense" dyed in purple in Japanese, Hebrew and Hindi.

Why he did it? That's quite the question. Apparently, Shin Shin — a recording artist, suggested the colors. Naturally, Artest agreed it was a great idea. I can't help but concur.

Artest called it his "Dennis Rodman tribute," which is more than fitting coming from the man who has worn Rodman's number in the past, and wears the inverse of it now. They're soulmates.

The Verdict:

The Look: Chris Andersen's(notes) mustache

The Breakdown: When he's not soliloquizing about blocked shots, Chris Andersen can be found carefully maintaining his mustache.

It takes some time to be make sure the two sides are even. If he makes even a single mistake, he could end up looking like Michael Cera in "Youth In Revolt." No one wants that.

Andersen is a "Dapper Dan man," and that means he knows looking good takes some effort. If that means a few more minutes in front of the mirror to get his mustache right, then so be it.

The Verdict:

The Look: Brandon Jennings'(notes) "Jerkin'" hair

The Breakdown: Lost in the Ron Artest hair madness was the comparatively tame dye-job that the Milwaukee Bucks point guard debuted Saturday night. An orange-ish Mohawk with a couple of carved racing stripes is hardly modest, but compared to Ron Ron, Jennings is wearing a side-part.

But Jennings' hair is no slouch. He looks like he could be an extra in a Ranger$ video. And seeing how he's from California, I'd be willing to bet that's the inspiration.

The jerkin' scene, famous for its dyed Mohawks, is huge out there. He already kind of looks like Ben J from the New Boyz, and with that added gold he looks like he could be doing "the reject" on the sidewalk, no problem.

The Verdict:

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