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We've talked quite a bit about how awesome 2K Sports' NBA 2K11 looks (hint: very awesome). Whether it's been the inclusion of several different Michael Jordans in the game, its excellent viral marketing campaign or those weird shirts Rajon Rondo(notes) and Derrick Rose(notes) were wearing in its ads, the game has been building buzz for months. It's to the point now that I'm actually excited to buy a video game for the first time since Rock Band: The Beatles came out. It seems like it's going to be amazing.

The latest revelation of its game play is no different, because it's just as wonderful as all the other little nuggets that have been leaked thus far. Perhaps a screenshot is the best method for this reveal that has already been spoiled by the accompanying headline.

Yep — that's the virtual Clippers at the virtual White House for a virtual meet-and-greet with virtual President Barack Obama. 2K Sports has really thought of everything. From the game's Facebook page:

Even the Clippers have a shot at kicking it with Barry in the Oval Office. NBA 2K11's revamped Association Mode sends your squad to the White House when you win it all.

OK, if you somehow weren't sold on the game from the Michael Jordans, realistic graphics or frickin' Barack Obama cameo, I'd think the Clippers crack might push you over the edge. If 2K Sports is smart enough to know which NBA team is most zing-worthy, then it must know what it's doing. Given the basketball knowledge it's shown so far I wouldn't be surprised if a sweatpants-clad Obama was somehow a hidden playable character.

The game releases Oct. 5, which can't come soon enough. Clippers fans surely agree.

(h/t Complex)

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Ball Don't Lie

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