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The New Orleans Hornets' promotions staff really ought to start thinking about some alternative in-game entertainment segments, because, honestly, this whole "dunking off trampolines" thing is getting ridiculous. Why can't they just play BINGO or ask movie trivia questions like everybody else?

To refresh your "Hornets Stunts Gone Drastically Wrong" memory: First there was the infamous flaming hoop incident which caused a 20-minute delay during Game 1 of the playoffs last season. Then there was the French Quarter Flyer who got his leg stuck in the basket and then, in another game, nailed his face on the rim.

Still, none of those incidents were as ugly as what took place Wednesday night in The Big Easy. At least those previous hiccups involved highly trained professionals. Last night's bungle? Um, not so much.

Alejandro de los Rios of the Best of New Orleans Blog explains:

Super Hugo came out in the third quarter to perform what looked like a routine dunk performance. That all changed, though, when Hugo switched places with the on-court camerman. The cameraman, who remains anonymous, missed badly on his first dunk. But with some urging from the crowd and the Hornets P.A. announcer, he tried one more dunk. The rest, as they say, is history.

Blog history. Slightly graphic pictures of "Super Camerman" follow below. Please proceed at your own risk.

Reportedly, the poor guy suffered a broken and dislocated ankle, which I'm told is pretty hard to do. Here's to hoping he recovers quickly and that the Hornets hide the trampolines for a few months.

(Thanks to "Ticktock6" of Hornets Hype for the link.)

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Ball Don't Lie

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