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I realize that this is barely hard news, but in the month since the free-agency period has begun, this is where we're at on July 30.

Former AP scribe and current ESPN columnist Chris Sheridan — in a Tweet, not a column — mentions that former journeyman point guard Mike James(notes) "Admires Jazz org". Stuck up against the 140-character limit, Chris didn't even have room for punctuation.

Then this makes Real GM's list of daily rumors, I read it while enjoying some almonds, and from there you get a bit of NBA fodder: Mike James wants to join the Utah Jazz.

And while I appreciate that — James played hard during his nine-year career for nine teams — the request seems rather specific. Maybe I'm just reeling from all the players who want to latch on with the Miami Heat (James started his NBA career in Miami, by the way), but the Jazz?

This isn't some ha-ha slam at Salt Lake City. It just seems so pointed.

Like, "Keith Bogans really appreciates the direction the Philadelphia 76ers are heading in." Or, "Anthony Johnson thinks the Milwaukee Bucks are real up-and-comers." Like, "Earl Boykins thinks Atlanta is ‘his kind of town.'" It's just random. No real link between the two, but Mike James admires the Jazz organization. He probably should.

Short of a Mike James highlight reel, here's a shot of Amityville's finest hanging out with the SuperNanny.

"How come your two plus two always gotta equal four, and nobody else know how to do math?"

Love that.

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Ball Don't Lie

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