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Surely one of the best things about being phenomenally rich is the ability to make significant wagers on insignificant events without thinking twice. Sure, sometimes things get out of hand like the entire Gilbert Arenas(notes) fiasco or when Charles Oakley slapped 90 percent of NBA players for owing him money in the mid-1990s, but it's usually all in good fun. Heck, even Arenas knows how to enjoy it, as his one-handed 3-point contest for $20,000 with DeShawn Stevenson(notes) was one of the things that made the Internet love him way back in 2007.

So when TrueHoop's Chris Sheridan reports that Mickael Pietrus(notes) won some money after a season-long bet with Dwight Howard(notes), Rashard Lewis(notes) and Jameer Nelson(notes), it's not a huge surprise. However, the bet he won is both surprising and awesome — he didn't cut his hair all year.

You may have noticed that Orlando forward Mickael Pietrus was wearing his hair long, and he had good reason to. Back in training camp, a $17,000 wager was placed on whether Pietrus could last an entire season without a haircut. (The losing bettors were Rashard Lewis, Dwight Howard and Jameer Nelson, and let's just say that they were in for widely differing sums).

"Easy money," Pietrus told me back in February when I first inquired about his unkempt coif.

Getting $17,000 for a nine-month span of no haircuts? Sign me up. I grew a beard for three months just so you guys could have some laughs at my headshot — that should have been worth at least a couple thousand bucks. 

[Photos: View a slideshow of Mickael Pietrus in action.]

And the deal was even sweeter for Pietrus. Yep, sweeter than $17,000 for growing his hair out, if you can even imagine it. After not having long hair for 20 years, Pietrus realized how much he likes having a 'fro. As anyone with curly hair can tell you, finding a second haircut that you like is one of the best feelings in the world. Lucky guy.

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