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"The plans for former NBA star and basketball Hall of Famer Michael Jordan's new castle in Jupiter are in," according to The Palm Beach Post.

And be honest — you initially read that as "Michael Jordan's new castle on Jupiter are in," right? I sure did ... and I didn't even blink. In fact, I only realized I had read the sentence wrong when I couldn't find an expected "Jordan plans to build a summerhouse on the planet Saturn" line.

Michael Jordan is building a house on Jupiter. Of course he is. Ho-hum.

But, no, the six-time NBA champion Chicago Bull is actually building a mansion in Jupiter, Florida — a posh beach and golf town in Palm Beach County — that by the sounds of the developer's plans will be more of a Wal-Mart than a domicile.

The glamorous details: a 37,942-square-foot two-story home, which will feature an elevator, a grand stairway, a giant fireplace and 11 bedrooms. Oh, there's also a cottage and guard gate (for ex-teammate Charles Oakley perhaps?) in the works.

The glamorous cost: $7,627,669.

Jose Lambiet reports Jordan bought two lots at the Jack Nicklaus-founded Bears Club last year for a total $4.8 million: "He's got three acres of wooded land adjacent to a golf course. Golf, and the privacy of a gated community, is what caught Jordan's attention." Roll out of bed, light a cigar, play 18 holes. What a life.

However, not everyone is excited about Jordan's mansion being some three times the size of other houses in and around the area. In fact, Joanne Davis, a growth management specialist with 1000 Friends of Florida channeled Bryon Russell before calling The GOAT's future home "insane" and "a waste."

"Cities see nothing more than a tax base in these giant homes, but I can't imagine anyone needing anything like that, except to show off," Davis tells Lambiet. "This house is going to require an enormous use of natural resources for no good reason."

To Jordan's defense, town officials said his plans are well within code.

But if that's not good enough, he'll probably just dunk on her.

UPDATE: Jordan isn't the only mega-athlete trying to sink the state of Florida. According to The Tampa Tribune, New York Yankees star Derek Jeter is building a charming 30,875 square foot seven-bedroom waterfront home in Hillsborough County. I guess there was money to be made in Gatorade after all.

Cheers, The Big Lead.

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