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The preseason point guard shortcomings of Marcus Williams and C.J. Watson — mixed with the comical off-court activities of one Monta Ellis — have created a huge opening for a new floor general in the Bay. Well, today, we learned which body will be filling that hole. It's this sharply dressed chap, of course:

His name? DeMarcus Nelson. His frame and game? A 6-foot-4, 200 pound undrafted rookie and training-camp invitee who wasn't even the point guard at Duke. Seriously. Is Don Nelson a wild basketball scientist, or what? He's like a drunk Beaker.

Inside The Warriors questions the move:

"If Chris Paul was in town today, he would be matched up against the undrafted rookie out of Duke. Does that spell doom for the Warriors? Or is DeMarcus Nelson the best chance the Warriors have at this point? He certainly maybe the best chance defensively. He's big and physical and defensive-minded. When's the last time the Warriors had that at point guard?"

Hmmm ... did Terry Teagle ever play the point?

Lots more on DeMarcus here and here. Congrats, kid.

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Ball Don't Lie

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