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Houtson guard Tracy McGrady(notes) is expected to change his Rockets uniform number to No. 3 to promote his "3 Points Darfur" initiative, according to Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle.

McGrady put in the paperwork for the uniform change midway through last season and had received league approval. He was making the switch to his high school number to bring attention to his Darfur Dream Team campaign and 3 Points documentary.

Newly acquired Trevor Ariza(notes) will wear No. 1 [...]

The Darfur Dream Team enlists athletes to help raise funds for schools in Chad for Darfur refugees in a sister school program with schools in the United States. The documentary "3 Points" follows McGrady on his trip to Sudan and Chad in the summer of 2007.

Before some of you start firing the lame "what, is that the number of his games he'll play next season?" jokes, I'd like to take a 'graph or two to applaud McGrady on his Darfur efforts.

"Sometimes when we hear about war and famine in Africa, our instinct is to turn away," McGrady wrote on TrueHoop in February. Not T-Mac. McGrady is doing everything he can to help, including visiting the refugee camps, donating money to help build schools and, of course, helping to spread the word about the crisis in Darfur.

Sure, a simple number change isn't going to affect much, but at least it'll get an article in a newspaper, a blog post here and there, and maybe even a spot on ESPN's news ticker. There is no harm in that. It can and does make a difference.

Visit the official Darfur Dream Team website here.

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