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If you were to pick three facets of Derrick Rose's(notes) game that need the most work, the list would go something like this:

1. Shoots 3-pointers poorly
2. Doesn't get to the foul line enough
3. Goatee doesn't connect beneath the chin

Of these three important aspects of basketball, one is completely out of Rose's hands (the goatee), one is completely in Rose's hands (the shooting) and the last — the lack of foul shots — is about 50/50 between him and the referees. Rose has to attack the paint to get fouled, but when he does get fouled, there needs to be an actual foul call.

As ShamSports points out with this excellent video, the refs might not be holding up their end of the bargain.

It's worth full-screening this bad boy and pausing on the disclaimer — or just reading the accompanying post — to really get the gist of the video. It's not just a "look at these terrible referees" thing, because, as Sham says, "[Derrick Rose] tries to avoid contact to maximize the percentage of making his shots, and, because of his great athleticism and body control, he is able to do this to great effect." I can't blame him for trying to avoid guys like Shaq and LeBron. It probably hurts to crash into them at full speed. 

But as you can see in the video, he does get fouled a lot, even if he's not getting the whistle. In fact, he gets fouled so much that even the announcers are shocked he's not getting calls. They even nervously giggle about it. And considering that of all players with Usage Rates greater than 20% who play 25 or more minutes per game, Rose is only 36th in free throws attempted, there could be something to this.

We already know that LeBron James(notes) has a tremendously low foul rate, so this probably isn't something that will change during this series. However, it is something worth watching for during tonight's Game 2, and also throughout Rose's career, which will surely culminate in several Chicago Bulls championships. Fingers crossed.

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Ball Don't Lie

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