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The black helicopter-types have been telling us about these sorts of things for years. Shady get-togethers, usually in a wooded setting, where the world's richest get together to hash out plans regarding the next President they'd like to see in place, who wins baseball's All-Star Game, and what time of year to re-introduce the McRib. 

It's some scary, thought-provoking stuff. And apparently, this year, LeBron James(notes) is taking part. The Los Angeles Times has the lowdown:

Like "Fight Club," the first rule of the Allen & Co. conference is that you don't talk about the Allen & Co. conference. The event is closed to the press, and attendees are discouraged from acknowledging whether they're attending.

In between rafting, knitting, yoga, chess and bridge (Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are big bridge players), big deals are known to have been hatched during the conference's 26-year history.

The most famous marriage with roots in Sun Valley was Walt Disney Co.'s deal to buy Capital Cities/ABC Inc. in 1995, which came out of a random meeting in the parking lot of then-Disney CEO Michael Eisner, CapCities board member Buffett and the company's CEO, Tom Murphy.

Thanks to '64 and Counting for the heads-up, and further breakdown. Enjoy your bridge match, MVP. And understand that playing bridge with senior citizens, no matter how mock-worthy, still isn't as embarrassing as the shirt you're wearing in the picture above.

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Ball Don't Lie

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