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As the saying goes, you can't have your cake and eat it too. However, if you're the two-time reigning MVP of the NBA, when it comes to custom-made cakes, you get two. That probably won't catch on as a saying, but in the case of LeBron James'(notes) weekend, it's very true. Too-two-true, call me MC Paul Barman. Or don't, please.

Anyhowsers, this past weekend, the Miami Heat's biggest free-agent addition had himself a nice subdued vacation in Las Vegas. You know, strawberry tallcakes at the Silverton and the roller coaster at New York, New York. Except instead of that, it was the exact opposite. He partied hard, like he was Andrew WK. First, on Friday night he balled out at Lavo. From Heather Turk at the Examiner:

Basketball's most wanted man, LeBron James, spent the night at Lavo inside The Palazzo celebrating his recent contract signing with the Miami Heat. James was joined by Chris Paul(notes) of the New Orleans Hornets, San Diego Charger Shaun Phillips, Atlanta Hawk Josh Smith(notes), Rudy Gay(notes) of the Memphis Grizzlies, Boston Celtic Rajon Rondo(notes) and Larry Hughes(notes) of the Charlotte Bobcats. Fans of all ages waited outside the celebrity dining hotspot for the arrival of King James, who enjoyed dinner at the Italian eatery after walking the red carpet. [...]

After dinner, James and his friends took over some VIP tables on the dance floor in Lavo's nightclub where they danced and partied the night away, fueled by Perrier Jouët Rose Champagne, Patron Tequila and vodka. While at the club, James was presented with a cake from Gimme Some Sugar--a replica of his new Miami Heat No. 6 jersey. Miami Heat teammate Dwayne Wade later joined the party after hitting Tao earlier in the night. Denver Nugget Chauncey Billups(notes) was also spotted enjoying the night with his fellow NBA stars.

Oh, cute. Not only did LeBron get that cake you see on the left, he also got a chance to hang out with his best bud in a stress-free environment. It's so nice that LeBron and Wade can connect off the court. It will really help their chemisty for the next season. Good for them, and good for Larry Hughes still being relevant enough to hold court with the King.

But that wasn't all LeBron and crew did over the weekend. After all, what's a Vegas weekend without Saturday night and another cake. Again, Heather Turk of the Examiner:

King James arrived to cheers at Tao Beach and was joined in the grand cabana by a group of friends including new Miami Heat teammate Dwayne Wade and Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets. At one point the fans in the pool chanted his name and James pulled out his camera to capture the moment. Nearby, former NBA player Alan Henderson and Glen Davis(notes) from the Boston Celtics also took in the sun and the scene.

Later that night, James and nearly 30 of his friends (including Chris Paul) feasted at Tao on signature items including the Satay Bass, Lobster Wontons and Kobe Ribeye. Proving that he isn't the most egotistical athlete around, James took time out from his dinner to greet fans, including a 5-year-old girl and her mother who came to Tao just for the chance of possibly meeting the NBA star. After dinner, James and his crew headed up to Tao's club and commanded several tables on the dance floor where the cocktail waitress were dressed in Miami Heat jerseys to honor James' new team. As they took in the sounds of DJ Vice, James was once again surprised by a cake from Gimme Some Sugar-this time in the shape of a king's crown.

You know, when people are criticizing you for being too infatuated with yourself, one of the best ways to alleviate those concerns is to videotape a bunch of fans chanting your name. Common sense, really. I like to think that when LeBron gets sad, he'll just pop in that tape and watch for hours and hours until he's his usual gregarious self. Then, I imagine, he'd put on sunglasses and a striped T-shirt and just wait around for Gimme Some Sugar to give him a cake, because that seems to be its modus operandi.

But hey, it's LeBron's vacation, he can do what he wants. If people think he's an egomaniac, that's obviously not going to bother him since he's recording his fans chanting his name. I mean, sunglasses at night, fans chanting your name and a new custom cake every night? It's good to be the King.

(h/t Matt Moore)

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