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With all of this meeting hosting, lawsuit fighting and television show having, LeBron James(notes) must be super stressed-out. It is not easy to be made a multi-millionaire in a matter of minutes, you guys. Ergo, it is easy to understand why he would want to kick back and unwind after this week of figuring out which team is most worthy of his considerable talents.

So that's exactly what he's doing, which is not a surprise at all. Everyone deserves a vacation now and then. However, where he'll be partying is more than a little interesting. From US Magazine:

LeBron James has rented six cabanas at the W Hotel South Beach this weekend to celebrate his team decision, two sources confirm to

That adds more fuel to the fire that James, 25, will announce he's joining the Miami Heat Thursday night, as several insiders told ESPN this morning.

You know what? It is almost like LeBron James likes being in Miami. Consider the fire fueled, and the plot thickened. As any subscriber to Small Businessman Weekly can tell you, there is no better place to connect with four new teammates than in six cabanas in the town where those new teammates are employed. It's just common sense.

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Sure, Miami is a very common place to vacation and every day there is like Mardi Gras, but when you consider reports that LeBron is leaning towards joining the Heat, the increased salary cap number and the fact that this vacation takes place just days after "The Decision," things are a little more complicated. It's kind of hard to not assume that LeBron is heading to South Beach to chill with his best bros and new teammates while simulataneously making everyone in Ohio very sad.

Then again, maybe this is just the NBA version of an end-of-summer bash before everybody gets back to working out for the next season. Supposedly Miami brings the heat, for real. But really, if we don't see grainy pictures of Chris Bosh(notes), Dwyane Wade(notes) and James at an all-white party sometime next week, I'll be very surprised.

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However, if this does turn out to be a little foreshadowing for LeBron's team choice, Cleveland is already preparing for the aftermath. From the Cleveland Plain Dealer's Michael Sangiacomo:

Whatever decision LeBron James makes tonight, the Bath Township police department is ready to maintain order near the basketball superstar's home.

Police Chief Michael McNeeley said they have an extra squad of police officers working tonight around the James home to make sure there are no problems.

"Whether we get loads of happy fans or unhappy fans showing up outside his home, we will be prepared to keep the traffic moving," he said.

Good thinking, Cleveland. Either a potential uprising will be quelled or the city's favorite son will be safe from overenthusiastic fans hoping to congratulate him. Whichever way it plays out, it sounds like everything is under control, but there have been a lot of zombie movies that started the same way. LeBron's going to need to keep his head on a swivel, for sure.

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