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Do you guys like jokes? Sure you do. Good. Me too. Let's try these NBA jokes on for size.

It all began July 8, when LeBron James(notes) announced his decision to sign with the Heat on "The Decision." Surely you remember that. As you can imagine, that completely bananacakes show was ripe for parody, and therefore, someone parodied it — Steve Carell and Paul Rudd at this year's ESPY awards show. Check it out, if you haven't seen it.

Nice jokes, right? TBS Very Funny, no diggity, no doubt about it. Tough break for Chili's to lose such a talent, but since they are the new golf course for business — according to Small Businessman Weekly — they should be OK.

However, Chili's doesn't think so. Ergo, franchise president Wyman T. Roberts kicked the zingers up a notch, firing back at Steve Carell in his very own Dan Gilbert-styled screed, Comic Sans and all.

Genius. That, my friends and countrymen, is how you do marketing. All press is good press, they say. Pathos, ethos, other advertising terms — I could go on and on like a regular Don Draper. It's just perfect. In fact, because that letter was such a spot-on parody, I'm going to eat a buffalo ranch chicken sandwich tonight. No, not really, but I would like to.

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Ball Don't Lie

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