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Winning a championship is a pretty big deal. Like, the biggest deal when it comes to sports. That's why you see grown men crying on the reg when they finally get their hands on a championship trophy. Years and years of hard work go in to winning a title, so it's only natural that years and years of emotion would come pouring out of their faces in a matter of seconds. Strong men also cry. Plus, there's only one champion every year, which surely adds to the feelings or joy and relief that a championship brings.

But what if there were a way to win more than one championship in a year? What if a player was able to somehow add to the glory of being an NBA champion? It's a hard concept to fathom, unless you happened to play for an NBA title-winning team during the same year that one of the two prestigious international basketball tournaments were being played. You know, just like Lamar Odom(notes) in 2010. As he tells Broderick Turner of the Los Angeles Times, that's the goal.

"The thought of being a world champion twice in one year is cool, you know?" Odom said in a telephone interview. "I could brag to Kobe [Bryant] and tell him this is something he doesn't got."

Odom paused before letting out a booming laugh.

Bryant was on the U.S. team that won the gold medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, but he has never played in the world championship.

"But he's got a lot of stuff I don't," Odom said, laughing again. "He's got MVPs, helicopters."

Ahhh, yes, the age-old debate over which is cooler — multiple, single-year championships or MVPs and helicopters. 'Tis truly a tough choice, though it really comes down to whether you prefer gaudy jewelry or wind-blown hair.

But really, Odom winning an NBA championship and then an international title would be quite the accomplishment, especially considering the huge role he would play on both teams. Doing so would put him in some pretty elite company — thus far, only Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen have pulled the two-for-one. Any time you're talking championships with those two guys, it's a pretty impressive feat.

Not to mention, as a professional basketball player, I'm guessing any time someone can rub something in Kobe Bryant's(notes) face, they're going to do just that, helicopter or not.

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Ball Don't Lie

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