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Last Friday, Derek Fisher(notes) guest hosted for ESPN's Jim Rome because that's how Hollywood works, I guess. His banner guest was none other than the world-famous Kobe Bryant(notes). Nice "get," as we say in the industry. Kobe said lots of interesting things, but the most interesting starts around the 7:40 mark.

Did you catch it? You probably did, but if not, here it is quote-style.

I'm definitely not playing for another team. It's hard to say 100 percent, but 99.999 percent sure that I'll be finishing out my career with the Los Angeles Lakers. I'm happy about that.

There you have it, Laker fans. Kobe Bryant is "definitely" going to be a Los Angeles Lakers for the rest of his career. Except for it's not 100 percent, even though that's pretty much what "definitely" means. Simple mix-up.

Of course, this is quite a change for Kobe, considering three years ago he was making trade requests and ranting in parking lots. It's an even bigger change from six years ago when he flirted with the Clippers, even if he was just leading them on. Nonetheless, it's easy for Kobe to say he'll stay a Laker forever — and, in the meantime, disagree with LeBron's decision to leave Cleveland which he touched on earlier in the interview — when he's 32 years old, has five championships and will be getting paid vast sums of money for the next three years.

That being said, if Kobe does retire a Laker — and I'd wager he will — that's cool. Even if he was a Charlotte Hornet for about eight seconds. It's nice to see guys play with one team their entire career. It doesn't happen a lot, so when it does you can't help but smile. Not to mention, it's also nice to get a little sneak preview of Derek Fisher's future. Sure, he's a little awkward and stilted now, but we might as well get used to seeing him on TV because he'll end up great.

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Ball Don't Lie

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