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Kobe Bryant is a stylist's dream -- probably. Dressing Kobe Bryant, trim and in good shape, must be pretty easy as long as you can find long enough pants. Not to mention, he's a good-looking dude. Don't believe me? Ask GQ — they're the ones that put him on the cover and in a bubble bath.

But sometimes, even for the best-looking guys, things can go wrong. Like, for instance, if you were to put Kobe Bryant in an all-white pilgrim outfit, that might look weird. Or, I don't know, maybe a super deep white v-neck with a head scarf that might be made out of a pillowcase. Just off the top of my head, I'm thinking those might be bizarre looks.

Confirmed. Very weird. Especially the headband under the hat part.

[Photos: View a slideshow of Kobe on the court.]

These photos are from a cover article in the L.A. Times Magazine appropriately titled "White Hot." And if you're thinking it's strange to put Kobe in all-white, well, he's with you.

Tom Murray: I have to ask, when you're in that chopper, do you ever look down on the city, pinch yourself and say ...

Kobe Bryant: How the hell did this happen? Absolutely every time. Like I'm sitting here right now. [Nods toward the two ladies primping him.] You know what I mean? This is dream [expletive]. Wardrobe that's all white? This just doesn't happen. Not for me. This is crazy.

I cannot disagree, because this is very crazy. Sleeveless hoodie and capri pants crazy.

The article is definitely worth a read, if only because you'll find out that Kobe does most of the interview while getting a manicure, facial and having makeup applied. Really. He talks about picking up after his dog, playing Guitar Hero against Ray Lewis and how much he loves the Dropkick Murphys, all while being pampered before his all-white photo shoot. It's amazing.

Pilgrim Kobe is my new favorite Kobe. Way to go, L.A. Times Magazine. Please do DJ Mbenga next.

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