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OK, now this makes a bit more sense.

You see, Donnie Walsh is a good GM. And he's also in love with Al Harrington. It's something that has cost him before, as mentioned in this post.

So when word leaked that the Knicks were going to add Harrington for Malik Rose's expiring deal, you couldn't help but temper your "nice deal" bit of enthusiasm for the Knicks, mainly because you can't help but worry about what Walsh will do with Harrington.

Would he extend him? Would he press Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni to play him? Would he make Harrington the new Knicks coach? Would he get to write bad Knick-related songs with Q-Tip? Would he get to run the New York Liberty? Does he own a dog, and where is that dog going to stay? You can't blame me for these thoughts, people.

So now that we've heard that Jamal Crawford is heading to Golden State, and not Malik Rose? Yes. That's our Donnie. Nicely done.

Crawford has been great for New York this season, but he's quite replaceable, a little overpaid, and his contract runs until 2011. Not "2010," but 2011; I can understand if you thought that a typo initially, based on how many times you've seen the number "2010" typed out recently. But, yes, 2011.

The Knicks don't want anyone's contract going to 2011, least of all an Isiah Thomas guy that was brought in for a heap of expiring contracts that helped turn the Chicago Bulls around. Or helped to try to turn them around, at least.

So, the Warriors get another streaky shooter, one who can sop up minutes until Monta Ellis gets back, but it's the same as it ever was. The Warriors have 14 guys like this, plus Andris Biedrins. It makes for a fun watch, but we should have just assumed the deal was for Crawford all along. The guy earned his Warriors uniform years ago.

Meanwhile, the Knicks shave a little over $10 million off their payroll for the summer of 2010. Not counting draft picks (they have to send one to Utah anyway pretty soon as a result of the Stephon Marbury deal from 2003), and assuming the team isn't going to re-sign David Lee (likely) and Nate Robinson (hmm), the Knicks are on the hook for about $40 million dollars for 2010-11. If they can find some sucker to take Zach Randolph's contract in exchange for expiring deals, that number goes down over $17 million.

They're not in the catbird seat, but they are in play. And after dealing with Ed Tapscott, Scott Layden, and Isiah Thomas from 1999-2008, that's enough.

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Ball Don't Lie

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