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The Sacramento Kings game versus the Wizards next Wednesday, Dec. 16, will feature Dollar Beer Night for all fans in attendance.

The game/keg party starts at 7:30 p.m. PST, but you can bet your soon-to-be-drunk ass that they'll be lining up early for this one.

All Kings fans who attend the game and help showcase Sacramento's great home-court advantage to a national TV audience will be treated to $1 beer (or soda or water) at ARCO Arena concession stands. The dollar beer promotion will run through the end of halftime, while soda and water will be just $1 throughout the entire game.

That's right. The Kings, despite a very solid 8-3 home record, currently have the second worst home attendance numbers in the league. So, in an effort to show off a sea of purple and black for the ESPN-viewing public, they'll use the sweet, sweet allure of cheap hops and barley.

It's either the greatest idea ever, and will lead to a sold-out crowd and inspirational Kings' victory, or it will end up with a number of intoxicated fans — some armed with knives, chains, and portions of broken stadium seats — hurling plastic cups and weapons onto the floor.

(Possible Thursday morning headline: "Wizards kill Kings' buzz; Udoka kills man with trident.")

Either way, if this doesn't sell tickets, the Kings might as well pack up and head to Vegas tomorrow.

And oh, now that I'm done here, feel free to start cracking jokes like "Thank God Ron Artest(notes) doesn't play for the Kings anymore," or "How fitting is it that they're playing the Wiz on beer night?" Go nuts.

via Sactown Royalty, Kerrzy's Notebook and The Last Angry Fan

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Ball Don't Lie

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