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Jason Kidd is a lover not a scorer. Elaine Wynn, who is married to casino owner Steve Wynn, was promised by Kidd that he would give her his Olympic hardware if the US won gold. Apparently, he's a man of his word. From the Las Vegas Review: "'Last summer, we stayed at the Wynn for (what seemed like) a lifetime, close to three weeks,' Kidd said. 'We met at a banquet, we got to talking, and she really understands the game. I told her I'd make a deal with her, that if we won the gold medal, I'd give it to her. She thought I was kidding. But I told her I had one already, and the way they treated us at the Wynn, it was the least I could do.'" And here I was thinking Misty and Jason were going to melt their gold medals into some nice accent jewelry. Oh well.

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Ball Don't Lie

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