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From anywhere. Not the right elbow extended, nor the left. Not in the den, the kitchen, the solarium, his bathroom or her bathroom. No idea what I'm talking about? Dave D'Alessandro's Sunday column has the quote:

"We do so many defensive drills in practice, I come home and I'm putting the press on my woman, denying her the ball. Y'all are laughing, but it's sad. I go home and deny the wing."

Honestly, and I'm not even joking, introducing sound and aggressive defensive principles into the domestic setting results in nothing but good times. Seriously. Try putting a press on your significant other tonight. Take away her right hand as he or she talks to their mother on the phone. Slap the two-liter bottle of Diet Coke away as they take it out of the fridge (be sure to yell "de-fense" or some other similarly appropriate chant while slapping away). Stick a forearm into their back as they bring in the groceries. And please, dammit, move your feet.

Deny the wing. DENY THE WING!

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Ball Don't Lie

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