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THE BALL DON'T LIE PRESS — Toronto Raptors point guard Jose Calderon is suing Tiger Woods (right), claiming the golf superstar has illegally adopted his trademark hand gesture — the "Uno Dos Tres" three point gesture — as his own.

The suit, filed in Toronto, Ontario on Wednesday, accuses Tiger Woods of trademark and copyright infringement as well as misappropriation of the hand symbol. Calderon is seeking an injunction (meaning Woods would be prohibited from using the gesture), unspecified monetary damages, a hug and a round of 18, with a full service bar and snacks.

Calderon's lawyer, Jorge Garbajosa, said the Spanish point guard brought the legal action against the golf superstar in order to protect his livelihood.

"People would come up to Jose and ask him if he was letting Tiger use it or if he had licensed it to him," Garbajosa said of the gesture, which he claims his client created in 2005.

All over the Internet, Jose can be seen rocking the hand gesture. On a Raptors fan site, a t-shirt of the hand gesture has been made in his honor.

Garbajosa said he first took the hand-gesture matter directly to Woods' lawyers, but they were not receptive, saying that no one even really knew who Calderon was. Garbajosa said he provided the golfer's people with posters, various vacation pictures and video footage dating back to 2005 showing Calderon throwing the "Uno Dos Tres" three-point salute.

Woods' attorney, Bob Loblaw, could not be reached for comment.

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(Ed. You know, now that I think about it, this sounds a lot like that time Macho Man Randy Savage sued Kobe Bryant over the use of his "elbow." Weird.) 

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