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Want a sure-fire way to win people over in Cleveland? Just make fun of LeBron James(notes). It's foolproof, since they hate him there. And it's OK to stoke that hate, since he hates some of them back. It's a win-win situation, just as long as LeBron's family doesn't burn down the Cavaliers organization. He's said they won't, so carry on.

If there's one guy embracing the absurdity of this entire situation, it's John Mayer. You didn't see that one coming, did you? But it's true. Oh, so true. As you can see from the picture above, Mayer took the stage in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, for an encore sporting a customized Cavaliers jersey and looking like a creepy, tattooed Anderson Varejao(notes). No big whoop — bands wear the jerseys of local sports teams all the time. 

However, his plans for the jersey are pretty hilarious. Quoth the Mayer:

"Our last show of this tour — September 11 in Miami — I'm going to come out on stage wearing this [points to jersey] in Miami."

Mayer then mouthed "I promise" four times before speaking into the microphone, which makes this a totally legal and binding contract as everyone knows. No takesies-backsies, John Mayer.

The super sensitive singer-songwriter also noted that he'd have to "dodge a lot of projectiles," so at least he knows that he's risking bodily harm. But hey, according to him "sometimes you've gotta stir [milk] up." Consider it stirred, Mr. Run Through the Halls of My High School.

[Photo: See LeBron in his Miami Heat uni]

If you want to check out the whole video, Scene and Heard has it, but I'll warn you — it does contain about 30 seconds of Mayer playing acoustic, singing and making that weird face he always makes. Your call if you want to take that risk.

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