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Joe Smith is an Oklahoma City Thunder, now; but if you'd forgotten that he'd been traded to the team over the summer, you're forgiven. He kind of flies low on the radar. Hell, I had to look the trade up. It was a three-way deal.

However, if you failed to assume that Smith had been traded during the offseason, you're still on the hook. After all, the man's been in the league since 1995, he's played for nine teams, and two of the nine twice. So 11 teams, really, and all pretty much with the same haircut. Same jumper, too. Always there, always the same.

The uniforms? Not the same. Let's take a look back ...


Rookie Joe. The sky's the limit, I think, is what they're trying to say. Joe's just trying to say, "I'm going to look exactly the same as I do right now in 13 years."

The Warriors changed their unis in Smith's third year ...

... and he was traded to the 76ers before that third season ever ended.

Not sure if he ever got that ball.

From there it was on to the Minnesota Timberwolves for some stolen money, to play with the Raptors' coach and that guy from the chewing gum ads.

Once David Stern realized that Smith hadn't changed teams in over a year, he forced the Timberwolves to release Smith. The subject of a bidding war between the Mavericks, Bulls, Heat, and Lakers, Joe ended up signing with ...

... a Pistons team that didn't even make the playoffs. OK.

Then it was back to Minnesota for a few years until Smith tired of making the commute from his summer home, so he decided to stop a little short and play in Milwaukee.

Then Denver. It was bright there.

Then the Sixers, again, and Chicago:

And Cleveland, where Smith appeared to be happiest.

Or angriest. Hard to tell.

Where to next, flyboy?

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Ball Don't Lie

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