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The Chicago Tribune's Fred Mitchell caught up with Bulls center Joakim Noah(notes) and his red hat on a golf course recently and had 58 seconds to talk with the big man, on video, about the upcoming season. There's nothing that Noah is saying, in this particular clip, that is especially wrong.

Whether you're a fan of the Chicago Bulls, a member of the Chicago Bulls, or just a enthusiast of pro basketball in general, there is nothing wrong with being "very excited about the upcoming season."

Joakim Noah "thinks it's going to be, uh, great." What? Me too! It's just the delivery that is a little scary.

But if you'll pardon a worry or 13, and I think the most prominent worry echoes the fears and clamor of most Chicago Bulls that I'm aware of, it's regarding Joakim's rather, um, laconic nature. He's laid-back, but does he have to squint so much? He's confident, but does he have to pause for effect, so ... much?

I've no issue with the rumors behind Noah's off the court ramble being true, but only if he shows up to camp in shape, and with a workable left hand - the same left hand that was left wide open for so many jump hooks last year, only to spin wrong. Time and time again.

Joakim, however, doesn't seem as worried.

"There will be a day where the game will come up, and we will have to play it."

Indeed, Joakim. Indeed. Ever look at the word "indeed?" It's weird looking.

Also, please don't be a pothead and ruin Chicago's season. Thanks.

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Ball Don't Lie

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