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Two years ago, Chicago Tribune columnist Rick Morrissey wrote that Bulls first-round draft pick Joakim Noah(notes) would never become a productive NBA player. In fact, Morrissey was so certain the ex-Gator forward would be an NBA bust that he said he would slather his June 2007 column with salsa and eat it if Noah ever turned out to be a "useful" basketball player.

Flash-forward to today, where Noah is averaging 11.4 points and 12.4 rebounds in 32 minutes of action.

Useful? You bet. Hungry? No choice.

That's right; a man of his word, Morrissey showed up at the Bulls' practice facility on Monday, with offending column and salsa in hand, and ate a small chunk of the Tribune newspaper in front of a beaming Noah and Bulls rookie James Johnson(notes). Seeing as this is the Internet age, cameras were rolling.

Said Morrissey: "It tasted like a crow enchilada."

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Ball Don't Lie

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