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Jason Terry is shopping a reality show

Before this season, Mavericks guard Jason Terry(notes) was considered a very good player, but not a guy with much name recognition outside of NBA circles. That all changed after Dallas' Finals victory, especially given JET's peculiar tattoo of the Larry O'Brien trophy. As such, Terry now finds himself with a new level of celebrity, and he's looking to capitalize on it.

So, like any smart public figure, he's shopping a reality show. Here's the idea for "Homecourt Advantage," from the website of AMS Pictures (via SLAM):

Set in the glitzy world of NBA basketball star Jason Terry, this is a comical, never before-seen look at his off-court life with high school sweetheart wife, four young daughters, crazy mom and pimp dad.

Wow, that show sounds awesome, albeit very similar to the series pitched by Shawn Marion two months ago. Of course, I'm pretty sure "The Matrix" does not have a "pimp dad," which actually seems like a very serious issue better suited for one of those depressing HBO documentaries about street prostitutes.

Whatever the case, Terry needs a job now that the league is locked out, so it's hard to quibble with this decision. At the very least, it will be cool to learn about new eccentricities beyond his multiple-sock-wearing habits. Maybe he makes his daughters wake up in order of their birth. That's great TV if I've ever seen it.

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