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If you didn't follow the Carmelo Anthony(notes) trade drama over the weekend, I don't blame you. It was the first fall-ish weekend here in Illinois, and since fall is the best season it was a pretty chill weekend to do fun things like pick apples or ride bikes. But things did happen with 'Melo. Kind of.

Just to catch you up, as Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski reports, things hit a snag in the Carmelo Anthony-to-the-Nets trade that emerged late last week. Basically, the Nuggets realized they were getting Derrick Favors(notes) and a year of Andrei Kirilenko(notes) for the most popular Denver player since Dikembe Mutombo(notes) was crying on the Seattle SuperSonics' court, so they decided to wait on some better offers. Denver wants more, but no one is that interested in giving up their young stars for a disgruntled scorer who might not sign an extension.

However, things might be going a bit more smoothly if Jason Kidd(notes) could keep his mouth shut. FanHouse's Sam Amick drops this little tidbit that is oh so tasty.

Anthony's weekend may have been even more damaging for the Nets, and possibly encouraging for the Knicks. League sources confirmed a Yahoo! Sports report claiming the three-time All-Star was being told by former Nets that, in essence, a New York state of mind cannot be found in Newark. Former Nets and current Dallas point guard Jason Kidd was among those advising him against heading for New Jersey, according to a league source who spoke with FanHouse.

Oh, snap. Jason Kidd did it, you guys. Not only did he slow up this trade, odds are Carmelo Anthony wouldn't feel bad about relaying Kidd's important anti-Nets information to his buddies, which might mean the Nets are a tainted organization. Sure, 70 losses in a season is a bit of a black mark in its own right, but when one of the best players in the franchise's history is advising other players not to sign there, that's a bad sign.

It's also a little weird that Kidd would badmouth the Nets, considering he had a lot of very good seasons there. Plus, when the team started to go down the tubes, he was traded to a contending team. Yes, he was involved in trade rumors all the time, but when he finally was shipped out he ended up in a pretty good situation. I might be forgetting something, but it seems like New Jersey was pretty good to Jason Kidd. Not to mention, when he led the Nets to the finals, the team was more than happy to let his mustachioed youngster hang out with him all the time. That has to count for something.

Plus, if you'll remember, the Nets were really good when Jason Kidd was there. Two straight finals are two straight finals, no matter how bad the Eastern Conference was back then. He even almost won an MVP playing for the Nets. The team has changed quite a bit since Kidd's tenure, so for him to tell Carmelo Anthony not to sign there is very, very weird. Like, 4-year-old with a mustache weird.

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